Elementary Planet virtual school is a fun and interactive internet based online learning program
Children complete lessons in the online classroom based on their grade and learning level, and teachers receive ongoing diagnostics that allow for a customized learning plan for each child.
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ElementaryPlanet includes all the tools schools, teachers and tutors need for E-Learning. Your classrooms can have instant access to the powerful ElementaryPlanet LMS (Learning Management System) fully equipped with over 10,000 lessons. Schools, teachers and tutors rely on ElementaryPlanet to empower them to attract and retain students and to achieve successful learning outcomes.
Students login to the online classroom and access lessons in their grade and learning level. Teachers view real-time reports and create a customized learning plan for each child based on their scores. Teachers utilize the program to build on the student’s strengths, build confidence and self-esteem through repeatable success, and improve and develop weak areas.

Today, in an effort to enhance learning outcomes by harnessing students’ fascination with technology, many teachers incorporate e-learning material into regular lesson plans.

Students access the program on the school's computers located in the physical classroom, school library, and/ or computer lab. All that is needed really is a computer and the Internet.

"Thanks for all you are doing for online learning. We are looking forward to a great year with our students and thanks for your part in that."

Mrs. Ann Cook (B.Ed., B.Sc.), Principal
Mrs. Julie Lepp, Program Manager

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