About ElementaryPlanet

ElementaryPlanet is an online community to connect, share and learn. We are parents and teachers focused on online education for pre-kindergarten to grade 8 children. It is a fusion of proven Internet technology and social media to help students learn and grow in a safe, secure and supportive online community. ElementaryPlanet is a place for:

  • Collaboration between parents and teachers;
  • Sharing curriculum resources;
  • Participation in online discussions;
  • Using technology to make learning fun;
  • Accessing online books for kids;
  • Registering students in the virtual classroom;
  • Getting diagnostics to determine student learning levels;
  • Allowing students to collaborate in a safe and monitored environment; and
  • Chatting with live support.

It is free to join ElementaryPlanet to collaborate with other parents and teachers, share curriculum resources and participate in online discussions. For a low membership fee, you may also decide to register students in the virtual classroom and access additional support resources.

Make sure your children are getting the best educational support possible by joining the ElementaryPlanet community today.

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